Frequent Questions

workbenches for industrial use

What are your Standard colors?

White "Formica" laminate tops and Cardinal™ medium blue/gray or black powder paint.

What about Optional paint?

You may specify other colors for a one time per order charge of $140.

Do you have Optional laminates?

You may specify another laminate color for a one time per order charge of $59, plus $24 per each additional bench.

Do you take Custom orders?

They can also use any Nevamar™ laminate, and can powder paint in any Cardinal™ color. Chrome brass, zinc plating also available. Custom orders generally take one or two weeks, depending on size, availability of materials and complexity.

Do you handle longer sizes?

Longer means weaker, so we recommend multiple benches be used for lengths greater than 10' feet.

Need wider? The Straight Leg Work Benches offer our widest benches, with sizes up to 60" wide.

What does it cost to ship my work benches?

After you have selected the benches and options, your Industrial Bench customer assistance contact will send you a quote to include the price of shipping the product to your location.

This freight quote is based on the size, weight, and freight classification of the shipment, and reflects the maximum discounts we receive from our shipper.

Sometimes our larger customers receive even larger discounts, and request us to use their carrier.

How are these packaged for shipping?

They are packaged flat (disassembled) in 6" high cartons. These cartons have internal bumper strips to protect the edges of the tops, plus the corners have additional edge protectors. The individual boxes are placed on pallets, and are strapped down. Pallet wrap film is applied.

Is it hard to assemble the benches?

Boxes are placed flaps-up and opened. Legs are positioned. Two bolts are inserted per leg. Benches are turned over.

Drawers are then attached with the bench still upside down. Slide out top drawer. Remove 2 screws from bench frame. Insert and tighten the 2 screws and replace drawer.

Foot rests are attached by one bolt on the end. Bolt heads are hidden inside the tube by snapping a plug over the hole.

Uprights are attached by sliding them into position over the two holes in the back corners, and putting the screws in the two holes.

Upright attached options are attached by sliding their tabs into the slots on the uprights, then tapping them on the top to lock them.

Earthquake Safety: Although we have never been notified of any options becoming dislodged, we offer an earthquake safe (at no additional cost) optional mounting system which slides over the top of the uprights.

What is the best work surface height for me?

We have seen orders for almost every work surface height. Some customers want to sit down and work, others want to stand. Here are some thoughts that may be of assistance: Desks are 30" high.

Desk chairs usually have a seat cushion height adjustability range of 17" to 22".

Work surfaces should never be more than 8"-9" higher than the top of the chair range. Conclusion: If you need a work surface higher than 31", you will need a taller chair.

Taller chairs usually have a foot ring and a wider base. (Adjustable foot rings are critical as employees come in all sizes too.)

Our taller chairs have a seat cushion height adjustability range of 21" to 31". (Some brands have ranges of only 5" or 8".)

We do not recommend chairs be used at benches with work surfaces of 37" and higher, as some employees will attempt to "climb" the chair, and could be injured when the chair rolls or tips.

What is included with an ESD system?

Our tables cover all 6 sides of ESD tops with dissipative materials, while many of our competitors only cover top with ESD.

1. We Only Use Nevamar&trade ESD Laminates: Only 3M™ and Nevamar™ use a patented design which controls the static dissipation rate to meet all ANSI/BIFMA and Federal GSA standards. These laminates carry the static charge across a layer of carbon which is buried just below the surface color layer.

Nevamar's exclusive Armored Protection reduces surface shedding to one-tenth that of conventional laminates and provides long-term resistance to surface abrasion and extends the life of the laminate by maintaining its surface texture. . Use of Nevamar™ is one of the critical features which allows us to guarantee our benches unconditionally for 10 years. Find out more at

The unique characteristics of Nevamar Static Dissipative Laminate™ makes it ideally suited for a variety of electronically sensitive applications. The new enhanced product meets or surpasses all standards for electrical properties even at low humidity levels. The product also practically eliminates surface shedding to provide a tough, durable work surface that outlasts competitive materials.

Nevamar laminate sheets are designed for permanent lamination to work station furniture surfaces and are individually certified to meet the specific electrical property requirements. Physical Properties Table - Nevamar™

Electrical Properties Table - Nevamar

It is important to know that most of our competitors use other brands of “ESD laminate” which simply dip sheets of laminate into a chemical bath, then dry the sheet. These sheets come from the laminate dipper with a label which, to paraphrase it, reads “Do not clean with any products containing water, ammonia, chlorine, or soap.” We have replaced hundreds of competitors tops which have lost their ESD properties over time, even though they followed all the manufacturer instructions. You see, human perspiration contains water too.

2. We use Nevamar laminate on the top and all four edges. As surprising as it sounds most other companies either use a non-dissipative rubber strip or use nonconductive laminate on the edges. If you already have a competitors’ ESD bench, you can spot this by checking to see if the laminate looks identical in color, thickness and texture. If it looks different, check the surface resistivity. It won’t be the same.

3. Aluminum underside: We are the only bench manufacturer to use an aluminum sheet to seal the underside of our tops and to assure conductivity. While other makers either leave the core particleboard uncovered on the bottom, paint the bottom or apply a brown sheet, we use the only material which completely seals out moisture, and which is 100% conductive. This is important too, as this moisture is the only reason tops warp, and leaving a nonconductive bottom sheet can cause problems in sensitive work areas.

4. Multiple grounding systems: While other brands of benches tout a very special bolt used to ground the surface of the laminate to their grounding system wires, we have eliminated this bolt (And the wires). Because all our bench tops are designed with a full 180° degree radius on the front edge of the top, and because the front laminate wraps under the top in the front, we simply placed the frame where the fastening screws go through the laminate. This conducts the static charge directly into the frame, which is in turn grounded by two conductors we provide for earth grounding purposes. All ESD shelves have the same grounding system too.

The top mounts to the frame with a series of fasteners around the perimeter of the frame top. On the front, these connectors each ground the radiused front edge of the top to the frame, eliminating the possibility of ground failure found on benches with bolts through the top and wires on the underside. Our exclusive ESD design eliminates all bench grounding system failures.

The two front legs have banana jacks on their front edges to accept wrist strap connectors. The back of the frame has two mounting lugs to attach the two grounding wires which are included with the system. You will find this double system in evidence on every ESD bench and accessory we make.

Our ESD work benches are not connected electrically to the floor. We use insulated floor glides, so static charges will pass only through the grounding system provided, and so inadvertent charges on the floor can not pass up to the work surface.

Is the Chemical Resistant Laminate Strong?

We use ChemArmor® laminate from Nevamar. This laminate provides resistance to acids and bases, solvents, stains, indicators and general reagents. It's ideal for interior horizontal surfaces in laboratories, healthcare facilities, schools, photo processing, forensic labs and more.

ChemArmor offers chemical resistance with outstanding abrasion resistance, and has outstanding heat and impact resistance, too. In fact, it is the toughest laminate available today. Tests prove ChemArmor® laminate from Nevamar has outstanding chemical resistance, plus significantly better NEMA wear value than competitive laminates. It all adds up to laminates that keep looking new longer in even the harshest environments.

Payment Methods

Visa, MasterCard or American Express, cashier's check or company check.

Damage in Transit

Products can be occasionally lost or damaged in shipment. Customers are advised to carefully count the packages and inspect the outside packaging prior to signing the truck driver's "Bill of Lading". If damage or shortages are observed, specify problems found on the bill of lading before signing. Write "damaged" on the bill of lading prior to signing and call the carrier for inspection and replacement. We will replace the product immediately, without waiting for the outcome of your claim, if you send us a copy of the claim and a list of the damaged parts

Concealed Damage in Transit

If you signed for product which appeared to be in good condition upon arrival but, upon further inspection was damaged, keep the product in its original carton and advise the carrier.

No Hassles

We will send replacement benches and/or options as soon as we can make them. Our manufacturer, BenchPro™ will rush your replacement products ahead of other orders, that you not be further inconvenienced. The manufacturer does not accept any products for return which were damaged in transit as they become the property of the carrier after they pay for their damage.

Product Returns and our Refund/Cancellation Policy

All products are custom made to order, therefore, no products are to be returned to Industrial without prior written approval and shipping instructions. NOTE: A 25% restocking fee will be charged on all products returned to Industrial There are no refunds on any of the shipping or freight charges.

Pricing Changes

Industrial reserves the right to make changes in products and prices at any time. Changes will appear on the web site. We are not liable for errors and omissions on this web site, and try our best to keep it as updated as possible. We reserve the right to refund any order that was incorrectly priced.


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Before purchasing products for specialty applications, the user is requested to determine the suitability of the products for their application. We assume no risk and liability therein.

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