Work Bench Ordering

workbenches for industrial use

Made to Order...

All of our industrial work benches and tables are custom made to order with the options you choose. You choose the model, size, table top material, color, and additional accessories, then we build it to your specifications.

Protective Shipping Cartons...

Series K and Series D are both packaged flat disassembled in 6 foot high cartons. These cartons have internal bumper strips to protect the edges of the tops, plus the corners have additional edge protectors. The individual boxes are placed on pallets, and are strapped down. Pallet wrap film is applied.

Shipping Prices...

After you have selected your work benches and options, our customer assistance department will contact you with a quote including the price of shipping the table to you. The shipping quote is based on the size, weight, and freight classification of the shipment, and includes the shipping discounts we have available. Sometimes large companies can receive even larger shipping discounts, by requesting us to use their shipping carrier.

Work Bench Sizes...

Many customers want to sit down while they work, yet many others want to stand. These are some pointers that may be of help when making your table height decission:

Payment Methods

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cashier's check or company check.

Damage in Transit

Products can be occasionally lost or damaged in shipment. Customers are advised to carefully count the packages and inspect the outside packaging prior to signing the truck driver's "Bill of Lading". If damage or shortages are observed, specify problems found on the bill of lading before signing. Write "damaged" on the bill of lading prior to signing and call the carrier for inspection and replacement. We will replace the product immediately, without waiting for the outcome of your claim, if you send us a copy of the claim and a list of the damaged parts

Concealed Damage in Transit

If you signed for product which appeared to be in good condition upon arrival but, upon further inspection was damaged, keep the product in its original carton and advise the carrier.

No Hassles

We will send replacement benches and/or options as soon as we can make them. Our manufacturer, BenchPro™ will rush your replacement products ahead of other orders, that you not be further inconvenienced. The manufacturer does not accept any products for return which were damaged in transit as they become the property of the carrier after they pay for their damage.

Product Returns and our Refund/Cancellation Policy

All products are custom made to order, therefore, no products are to be returned to Industrial without prior written approval and shipping instructions. NOTE: A 25% restocking fee will be charged on all products returned due to no fault of Industrial

Pricing Changes

Industrial reserves the right to make changes in products and prices at any time. Changes will appear on the web site. We are not liable for errors and omissions on this web site, and try our best to keep it as updated as possible. We reserve the right to refund any order that was incorrectly priced.


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Before purchasing products for specialty applications, the user is requested to determine the suitability of the products for their application. We assume no risk and liability therein.

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